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Snowflake Window Stickers
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We have bought together a selection of our favourite Snowflake Window Stickers and those recommended by visitors of this website. Find the best snowflake window stickers for your windows and add a snowy festive touch to your windows. From vinyl self clinging snowflake windows stickers to glow in the dark designs you will find a full selection here via affliate/ad links.
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Iridescent Snowflake Window Sticker Set

A selection of 11 top quality Snowflake Window Stickers in an assortment of small, medium and large that make a lovely festive display. They are easy to apply and need no adhesive to hold in place.

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Snowflake themed window stickers

This selection of window stickers includes 30 snowflakes and other festive stickers as seen in the illustration. The snowflake window stickers include small (15x5cm), medium (5x10cm) and large (10x7cm) snowflakes and come with instructions.

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Christmas Decoration Snowflake Window Stickers

Use this selection of elegant Snowflake Window Stickers to decorate for Christmas this year. They are available in either silver or gold and contain 24 snowflake stickers in each pack. To give an idea of size the packet measures about 37cm x 31cm.

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Glitter Snowflake Window Stickers

It is easy to make a good snowy effect on your windows with these glittery snowflake window stickers. All 42 of these snowflake stickers self cling to your windows and leave no sticky residue. Simply peel them off their backing and press them on to your clean windows. Quick and easy.

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Silver Glitter Snowflake Window Stickers

A sheet of 9 snowflake window stickers that all measure approximately three inches in diameter. These silver snowflake stickers are glittery, are easy to use and can be arranged to make a great festive display.

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Glittery Snowflake Window Stickers

A lovely packet of elegant snowflake window stickers - They are some of our favourites and include 4 large (14cm), 4 medium(7cm) and approximately 10 quite small snowflakes to make your perfect snow scene.

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Snowflake Window Stickers

Make a beautiful frozen snowflake window display with these stickers. There are a total of 42 snowflake window stickers with a mixture of 14 different designs.

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Christmas Glitter Window Stickers - Snowflake

Two big A3 sized sheets of snowflake window stickers will give your windows an impressive look. With their glittery effect they are a great way to decorate your home this Christmas. They are easy to apply and remove.

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42 Snowflake Window Stickers

We think your will love these snowflake window stickers that have a light blue tint. They stick on their own with no adhesive. Each pack contains 3 sheets of 42 snowflakes with 14 different designs. You will get 12 of the biggest size which measures approximately 9cm in diameter, 6 x 8cm, 12 x 7cm and 12 of the smallest at 5cm.

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Arranging your Snowflake Window Stickers

Before you put your snowflake window stickers up think about how you are going to arrange them to make the most of the area you plan to place them.

If you have a big pack of stickers and a big area to cover you could arrange your snowflake window stickers into the shape of something festive like a Christmas tree or large bauble.

For smaller windows consider arranging your snowflake window stickers in a random free-falling pattern to make it look like snow. If your prefer something different perhaps a zig-zag pattern of snowflakes, or even stripes of stickers would fit better with your festive decorating theme.

Just use your imagination to make original and most importantly of all, have fun!

Sticking your Snowflake Window Stickers

Most of the snowflake window stickers we have listed come on either sheet of backing plastic or card that you can easily peel the sticker off. For best results always make sure you are sticking your snowflake window stickers to clean windows to help them stay in place throughout the festive period.

When you have decided where you want to place your snowflake carefully peel it off the backing sheet and place it onto the window starting one side of the sticker to the other making sure you don’t capture too many air bubble. If you do have a few air bubbles captured under your snowflake window sticker after you have applied it with smaller stickers you can usually push them out by rubbing them towards the edge of the sticker for a nice flat finish.

Can I use my snowflake window stickers again?

Some snowflake window stickers will say they are re-useable and made of self-cling vinyl. If this is the type you have then keep the backing paper or card that they sometimes come on and you can simply place them back on when you take down your snowflake display. A slightly damp cloth can be used to give them a little wipe over to make sure they are clean and have the maximum chance of being just as good again next time you want to use them.

Spread the word about Snowflake Window Stickers

We love putting up snowflake window stickers on our windows at home in the build up to Christmas. They are one of the first decorations up and are so much fun to arrange with the whole family. If you are a big fan of snowflake window stickers like, us spread the word and tell your friends all about us.